La Rosaleda

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La Rosaleda is a family company founded in 1995 which produces roses with PREMIUM quality. We are located in the Province of Cotopaxi, Ecuador, at 3.050 meters above the sea level. Our geographical position allows us to offer you intense and bright colors as well as long stems and big head size roses in order to satisfy the most demanding markets.

While browsing our website you will find a range of our products and also you will be able to contact our sales team personally.

We look forward to do business with your company and starting a solid relationship.


We belong to the Business Alliance for Secure Commerce (BASC), which purpose is to promote safe commerce practices in cooperation with governments and international organisms.

BASC help us protect our product and the integrity of our customer’s shipments.


We emphasize all the processes involved in the production and commercialization of roses. We ensure that our employees can prevent and/or react to a possible risk of smuggling, drug trafficking, terrorism, corruption, bribery, money laundering, internal conspiracies and other illicit activities that may intervene in the production and commercialization chain of our flower, complying with the current legal regulations and generating actions that lead to continuous improvement.


FlorEcuador® promotes three main topics:

1.- Minimize the environmental impact.

2.- Guarantee the well being of employees in the flower sector and

3.- Reduce the use of pesticides, fertilizers, combustibles, water and to protect our natural resources.